A Comparison between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing

19 Aug

We have very many established authors in the world today. These authors use different methods when it comes to their writing styles as well as the method they use in publishing their work. There are those who prefer the traditional publishing while others opt for self-publishing. As an aspiring author, you must be there wondering which one is the best option. You are not alone because this has been a discussion for several years now. We are going to compare these two publishing methods.

Before we start the comparison, let us first understand what these two publishing methods are all about. The traditional publishing method from this site has been there for decades now hence the name. It is where the authors are given a contract with the publisher to print, publish and sell their work. Self-publishing on the other hand, as its name suggests, is where the writer independently publishes their work at their own expense. In this case, the established publisher is never involved. It was until the recent years that authors started publishing their books independently. Both ways have their own cons and pros.

To help us compare these two properly, we will have categorization. For instance, there is the issue of freedom in creativity. When it comes to freedom of creativity, self-publishing is the better option. This is so because the author will not be limited by boundaries set by an agent, publisher or editor. In short, you are your own boss. This is one area that self-publishing at this link is considered to be advantageous to traditional publishing. The other category is public participation. In this category, traditional publishing is better as compared to self-publishing. If a publisher goes through your book and sees it as worth investing in, then, most probably the reader will also find it worth buying.

The other thing is about the money. When it comes to the returns, it is very difficult to determine which one among the two is better. Either way, you can either earn big or less. This one largely depends on your luck. We also have the expenditure. Traditional publishing is cheaper and more convenient than self-publishing. This is so because the only investment you will have to make is to write. The rest of the expenses will be taken care of by the publisher.

Finally, there is the issue concerning marketing and promotion. Again, the traditional publishing takes this one. The publisher will relentlessly market and promote the book on your behalf. If you want to learn more, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Identifying_and_using_self-published_works.

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